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Mobile Order and Pay FAQs

Unfortunately stamping Loyalty Cards is not contactless and is not available until we resume normal operations.

All complimentaries cannot be used for purchases made on the order and pay webpage. You can use these again once we resume normal operations.

A remote beverage collection table will be set up at the entrance of stores - customers will be asked to wait behind the marked line until the partner has placed the beverages and called the customer order, after stepping out of the 2m zone. Customers are required to Social Distance from others while waiting for their order.
For our 4 mall stores without a curb side entry access a process is in development, and we are not be able to open these stores until this is resolved.

Your order cannot be cancelled on the order and pay webpage. Please go to the store that you selected as your pickup location and speak to your barista. Where an order has been placed and the beverage has been produced by our baristas, we reserve the right to not offer a refund. If the beverage(s) have not been produced or we agree to cancel the order for any other reason, we will follow the process shown under the FAQ "how to get a refund"

There is currently no capability for refunds within the web-app. If you require a refund (for example the store were unable to serve the beverage you ordered and you could not agree on a substitute), we will happily provide you with a "have one on us" card which you can redeem when we move to Level 1 or Level 2. Alternatively please email your name, order number, amount to be refunded, bank account number and payee name to for payment in our weekly pay run. Please also talk to your barista so they can include your order number on a ""did not collect"" list which they will share with our administration team to enable the approval of the refund.
Please keep in mind our Mobile Order and Pay site has been created at short notice to allow us to trade on level 3 - enabling us to continue to provide employment to your friendly Starbucks baristas. We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to develop the site.

This will happen on rare occasions. Our baristas will work with you to agree an alternative beverage. If you are not comfortable agreeing a substitute, you are welcome to follow the refund process outlined below

Please call the store you accidentally ordered from to let them know of the error. Ask them to contact the correct store for you to have your order made to collect from there.

Place your order on the order and pay webpage. You can select your bean option in store. Availability and bean options varies across stores and are subject to availability.

Check for the latest updates on stores that are opened and its operating hours on our Facebook and Instagram pages @starbucksnz as well as via

Short size is not available on the order and pay webpage. If you would like to have your beverage in short size, please make a note of this in the remarks section. Please note that this beverage will be charged as a Tall beverage.

Our full beverage selection is not available on the order and pay webpage at this point in time. Our complete range will be available once we resume normal operations.