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Starbucks Rewards FAQs

Starbucks® Rewards is a membership program that rewards and thanks loyal customers for shopping at Starbucks stores in New Zealand. The program benefits all Starbucks Rewards® members as you earn Stars when you pay using your registered physical or digital Starbucks Card, among other rewards. Additionally if you agree to receive further communications from Starbucks when you register your card, you will be among the first to receive news, information and exclusive offers about Starbucks.

You can enroll in Starbucks® Rewards Program and begin accumulating Stars by visiting or installing the Starbucks® New Zealand app and following prompts to create a Starbucks® Rewards.

Upon registration, you will be asked if you have a physical Starbucks Card. If you do not have one, you will be allocated a digital Starbucks Card in your account that you can immediately load value onto.

Yes, upon signing up an account, you will receive a verification email to your email address that is used for signing up and activating your account.

You can have one (1) Starbucks® Rewards account only. If you have more than one (1) Starbucks® Rewards account, Starbucks may determine in its sole discretion that you have violated these Terms of Use. Starbucks may, in its sole discretion, suspend, cancel or combine accounts that appear to be duplicative. In the event that your participation in the Starbucks® Rewards Program is terminated, then all accumulated Stars in your account are void.

You can register / add a maximum of one hundred (100) activated Starbucks Cards in your Starbucks® Rewards account.

The balance in a registered Starbucks Card can be transferred to another registered Starbucks Card balance within that same account, but a partial transfer is not permitted. The transferred Starbucks Card becomes empty yet remains active for further reloading and use. The transfer of balance in each Starbucks Card can be only performed personally by you via our website or through the Starbucks New Zealand app.

Only transactions paid using a registered Starbucks Card can earn Stars which will be added into your Starbucks® Rewards account.
The benefits that are available to you through Starbucks® Rewards Program are based on the number of “Stars” that you earn. You can earn Stars by making purchases at any Starbucks stores in New Zealand and presenting your relevant registered Starbucks Card or barcode in the Starbucks® New Zealand app to the barista upon payment.

Only transactions paid using a registered Starbucks Card will earn Stars based on the value of your purchase at the rate of two (2) Stars for each New Zealand one dollar (NZD$1) spent using your registered Starbucks Card storewide.

Your change counts towards partial Stars at Starbucks. We’ll keep track of all your partial Stars and apply them to your total Stars.
For example, if you spend $5.30, you’ll earn 10.60 Stars. The 0.60 is not always visible (we like to keep things simple), but you can always view your Stars in your purchase history when you log in to the members portal or in the app.

No, you can only earn Stars when you make a purchase in-store with the value that is on your Starbucks Card. You cannot earn Stars by loading credit onto your Starbucks Card.

To earn Stars on your purchases at Starbucks stores in New Zealand, you must pay with a registered Starbucks Card. We cannot award you Stars and reward you for purchases made with another form of payment. You can use your credit card or cash to reload your Starbucks Card.

Currently, there are two (2) levels of benefits within the Starbucks® Rewards Program that are determined by the number of Stars that you accumulate in your account for each consecutive twelve (12)-months period.
Green Level: You are automatically enrolled into the “Green Level” of the Starbucks® Rewards Program.
Gold Level: Upon earning five hundred (500) Stars in a twelve (12)-months period, you will be placed at the “Gold Level”

Yes, after registering, you have 12 months to accumulate five hundred (500) Stars to reach Gold Level.
To maintain your Gold Level, you must re-qualify each subsequent 12 months by earning at least 500 Stars and your Star count will be reset on your anniversary date (12 months from the date you reach the Gold level).

Stars earned from using your registered Starbucks Card will be available on your account at the earliest after the transaction is completed or within 48 hours.

Just inform the barista in any of the Starbucks stores in New Zealand that you would like to redeem your reward. You may scan the barcode in your Starbucks New Zealand app or simply present one of your registered Starbucks Cards. In addition, you must fully pay for the transaction (except redeeming free rewards) with your registered Starbucks Card in order to earn or redeem the rewards.

You will be at Gold Level for 12 months from the date at which you reach Gold Level status, which is your new program anniversary date. Simply earn 500 additional Stars before your anniversary date (the date you earned Gold) and continue to enjoy all of the Gold level benefits for another 12 months.

You can view your transaction history through our website or download the Starbucks New Zealand app and access it in your Account Transaction History.

You can view your list of rewards through our website or download the Starbucks New Zealand app and through it you will also be able to view your list of rewards.

You can log into your account and view the remaining values via our website Alternatively, you can also download the Starbucks New Zealand app and through it you will also be able to see the remaining values on your cards, or visit any Starbucks store in New Zealand and check with the barista.

Yes, you can check all transaction records of your registered Starbucks Cards through the Starbucks New Zealand app (Account Transaction History) or website in section Transaction History. The detail is the same as the printed receipt.

We want to make sure the balance on your account reflects your purchases accurately. If the total number of Stars doesn’t appear to be correct, please contact us or via the mobile app.

Registering your Starbucks Card is the only way to join the Starbucks® Rewards Program. Your enrollment signs you up to enjoy special offers and rewards available exclusively for Starbucks® Rewards members. Additionally, by registering your card, you receive Stars balance protection in case your card is lost, stolen or destroyed. Finally, with the registered Starbucks Card, you can manage your account and card(s) in a variety of ways, including making payments through the Starbucks New Zealand app.

Any amount/value stored in your Starbucks Card cannot be refunded.

No, Stars collected in each account can only be used by that account holder, and cannot be transferred to another account.

No, memberships are non-transferable and cannot be shared with family members, friends and others.

Please read our Privacy Policy for details and Terms of Use for more details

The information you provide will only be used for us to stay in touch with you and we may share such information for the purposes and within the scope as provided in our Privacy Policy and Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details.

All registered Starbucks Cards are eligible. Cards purchased or registered outside of New Zealand are not accepted as forms of tender and will not earn Stars or Starbucks Rewards benefits.

If you are an existing user of the Starbucks New Zealand app (iOS/Android version) and you cannot update the app to the latest version automatically, simply uninstall the existing app and download the latest version from the App Store/Google Play Store to discover the new features.