Sulawesi Toraja

Sulawesi Toraja

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Coffee grows wild in Toraja, on Indonesia's orchid-shaped island of Sulawesi. It was introduced in the 17th century by the Dutch, and since then arabica has thrived in the lush volcanic soil of the remote, high-mountain jungle. Surrounded by rare, native meleo birds and endangered yaki monkeys, the coffee trees here are just as revered. Farmer by farmer, village by village, the coffee cherries are picked as they ripen, and sorted and milled by hand. Sun-drying enhances the coffee's spicy notes and distinctively smooth and elegant mouthfeel

Coffee Profile

Acidity rating rating rating rating rating
Body rating rating rating rating rating
Processing Method Semi-washed
Tasting Notes Black sesame & toasted marshmellow
Complementary flavors Orange
Region Asia-Pacific

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