Starbucks® Casi Cielo Blend

Starbucks® Casi Cielo Blend

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Coffee from the Antigua Valley develops a distinctive complexity because of the rich volcanic soil, high altitude, warm days, and cool nights – and the exhaustive attention of its farmers. Cherries are handpicked, fully washed and carefully dried and sorted. The artwork celebrates the coffee’s origin and heritage. The English translation of casi cielo—“almost heaven”—inspired the detailed illustration of silver stars twinkling in a magical night sky above a towering volcano. The foreground showcases the lush landscape where this coffee is grown.

Coffee Profile

Acidity rating rating rating rating rating
Body rating rating rating rating rating
Processing Method Washed
Tasting Notes Notes of Bright Meyer Lemon and Cocoa Nibs
Complementary flavors citrus, soft cheeses, toasted nuts
Region Latin America

Additional Information

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